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If your event is in the Lancashire region we cover the towns of Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Chorley, Lancaster, Ormskirk, Preston, Darwin, Wyre, Ribble Valley and all the surrounding areas. If you are looking to hire a dodgems track, then we can meet your precise needs. You have access to our range of both traditional and modern rides suitable for any event from a wedding to a mojor corporate party.

In addition to providing you with a dodgem track, we offer a complete range of attractions including;

•Sizzler Twist Ride
•Traditional Ferris Wheel
•Vintage Victorian Carousel
•Iconic Waltzers
•Full Range Of Games
•Mobile catering units.
•A Range Of Photography Services

In short you can book everything from a candy floss cart to a complete funfair from us, including installation, operation, insurance and full safety certification.

Having our head office in Yorkshire means we can provide an efficient and cost effective service throughout the region, if you are unsure of the site being suitable then we can call and survey the area you have and make suggestion on what will or wont be possible.

All of our attractions are fully inspected and come with ADIPS safety certification, and public liability insurance for £10 million.

There are 2 basic types of dodgems available in your area.

The Modern Continental Dodgem Track

The more up to date modern style ride, with improved sound and light systems, these a a fabulous centrepiece for any event. The only drawback is they are supplied on a custom built trailer that needs to be driven into position, this limits the sites they can be used at.

The Traditional English Track

The more traditional ride isnt as visually impressive, although if you have a traditional event, it may actually suit your theme better. THe major advantage is the rides is supplied entirely dismantled, and can be carried into position, opening up a much wider range of venues.

We have a satellite depot in Radcliffe allowing us to cover the entire Lancashire region quickly and efficiently to providing a first class service, with our variety of dodgem tracks.

Modern Dodgem Car Hire
Traditional Bumper Car Track For Hire

An Example Of One Of New Style Dodgem Cars

Modern continental dodgem track hire
Modern Dodgem Track Hire
A traditional old fashioned English style dodgems

We cover the full Lancashire region as well as the rest of the UK.

It depends on the track, the date of the event and the location, but anywhere between £1600 and £2500
Continental Dodgem Track
We offer a range of dodgems tracks for hire throughout the Lancashire region, including Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Bolton, Bury, Blackpool, Oldham, Preston. For weddings, parties, balls, military events, corporate events and private parties. Hire bumper cars for any event.
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